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One of my goals for this year is to get in better shape. Because I am not in shape. At all. Horrible shape. So, today, Jake created a nice little workout plan for me.  And I tried it.  Well, most of it anyway.  It was tough, as I am extreeeeeemely out of shape.  But, I guess you’ve gotta start somewhere.  The workout was made up of everything from squats and push ups to walking up and down stairs and pullups. Also, these weird things where you lay down on the ground holding a weight and stand up without using your hands and keeping the weight above your head the whole time. Whew! Haha There were a number of other various exercises involved, but I am most proud of the six pullups I did, even though I had some assistance from a nearby chair.

It took me about an hour to do everything, but there was some time spent just whining and complaining about it all. The plan is for me to do that series of exercises twice a week starting out, and walk 3 times per week. Wish me luck sticking to it!


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Good Sunday morning! I thought we would do something somewhat entertaining today. On one of my other blogs that I haven’t updated in quite a while, I started a short story involving a super hero in the state capital of South Carolina. I would like to continue this short story a bit. We’ll see where it goes! Without further ado, here is the first in a series that I will try to update every other Sunday, if not every Sunday… but definitely on Sundays.

South Carolina Statehouse

The Hero’s Guffaw

It was a hot, steamy July 13 in Columbia, SC. The temperature is reaching near 100 degrees again with a humidity that’s about the same. The small South Carolina capital is bustling with business on this Monday afternoon. Little do the complacent employees that fill Main Street sidewalks know, the night before there was a strange story to be had. The story of a hero, a man of courage, fortitude, and strength, that defies all evil. Such a man Columbia has been waiting for, I’m sure. No one knows where this hero of heroes takes rest, but it is rumored that what he calls home resides in the dome of the capital building where he can watch out for the citizens of Main Street in an effort to thwart homelessness and poverty as they rear their ugly head.

His favorite part of the entire day is seeing the Chick-fil-a cow walk, drive, and even scooter down Main Street. He gets such a tickle out of that cow, a guffaw is heard from the dome of the capital. The wide-eyed children and their chaperones look anxiously upon the dome to discover little. They talk amongst themselves. “What is up there I wonder?” one little boy says. “I don’t know, but whatever it is, I hope it is friendly” says a frightened little girl. The hero, knowing the error of his guffaw, should have been further reserved to not let out such a laugh. His prior experience has led to many people taking gaze upon such white marble with curiosity and wonder.

As he settles down for the night, the hero thinks to himself, I feel so alone, “Why can’t I find a hero woman to settle down with and have little hero babies?” His question was only answered by darkness. He hung his heavy head and crawled into his blue satin sheeted, king sized bed… heroes need their rest too, you know.

I’ll see you next Sunday with a related, but strangely unfamiliar short story!

Picture: Flickr by jimbowen0306

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! We had the pleasure of visiting an emporium of American (actually Swedish) consumerism today… IKEA.

We have always heard daunting stories of the massive store but had yet to experience it first hand. Our first impression upon getting off the interstate was, “That is an enormous blue-yellow building.” Upon entering the facility around 11:30 am, we immediately went upstairs to get some of the cheapest breakfast we’ve ever seen. A small breakfast plate (not that small) which included eggs, bacon, and little potato things was .99 and the big breakfast plate which include the previously mentioned delicacies plus french toast sticks was 1.99. Of course, we went with the big breakfast plate because… well… why not? French toast sticks can never hurt.

When we were done with breakfast, we proceeded to tackle the overwhelming store one section at a time starting with the living room area and ending with the huge self-serving warehouse. Our purpose for visiting IKEA was to look at the Hemnes series furniture and various home office furniture including ‘accessories’. Surprisingly, we did not end up buying anything other than breakfast during our two and a half hour visit. Upon returning home, we discovered that IKEA works really fast and also uses telepathy. For example, we had an IKEA catalog waiting for us in our mailbox, NICE!

Us leaving IKEA


The sun was definitely in our faces when we took that picture, thus the squinting! Regardless of the power of the sun, we will definitely be going back to ‘accessorize’ our home with Expedit bookshelves and desks along with a good portion of the Hemnes series collection. I cannot wait to put all of that furniture together *sarcasm*!

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So, we’ve just added a blogroll to our sidebar.  Now, if you’re interested, you can check out some of our friends’s blogs! 

A few of them are friends’ blogs about their families and home life etc, but we’ve also got everything from BFF Nilly’s blog about dolls to our friend Tommy’s hunting adventures to Carolyn’s usually entertaining thoughts and happenings.

One is a link to a friend’s Day Zero Challenge.  We have started our own challenge and will be posting about it soon, so look out for that!

Happy reading!

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The date for tickets going on sale for Taylor Swift’s Speak Now tour stop in Charlotte, NC on July 8, that is.  I am suuuuper sad about it!

For those who may not know, I am the biggest Taylor Swift fan around.  I LOVE Taylor Swift.  I went to see her last tour (Fearless) three times!  Two of which were back-to-back nights.  And Jake drove me to Nashville last June just to try to meet her at her 13 hour meet and greet (that’s another post for another time), but I never got a wristband, which is what was needed to get in line to meet her.  *sigh*  Still… So. Much. Fun!

The third time I went to her Fearless show last year, I had gotten the tickets through the taylorswift.com pre-sale.  My work bff  (Carolyn), Jake and I went to that show together, and our seats where on the end of our row, and I had the very end seat.  And when Taylor Swift popped up in the back of the arena halfway through her show (which I knew she was going to do, as I had seen her show two times already, duh), she walked past me.  And I touched her.  Because I was freaking out and I could.  She then played a song in the aisle about 6 rows down, right in front of us.  It was awesome.

Taylor Swift - right after I touched her

Taylor Swift - playing right in front of us

Taylor Swift - turning around to the crowd behind her

See how close we were?  Sorry for the quality of the photos.  My hands were shaking, and I had to hand the camera off to Jake.

Anyway, I was convinced they had set aside those seats for the taylorswift.com pre-sale tickets.

So, when the Speak Now tour was announced, I again made sure that I was signed up on her email list so I could be alerted when the tickets would go on pre-sale to her biggest fans (aka me).  I’ve been checking her website every now and then, too, just to keep tabs on it, and every time I’d check, the tickets were still not on sale, nor was an on-sale date announced, so I’d been just kind of relying on the fact that I, her biggest fan ever, would soon receive that nice little nugget of inbox goodness telling me that I could once again buy a ticket to see Taylor.

Fast forward to today.

I’m chatting on gchat with my BFF, Nilly, and she asks if I am going to see Taylor Swift in Charlotte.  I’m all like, “duh, but yeah obviously IF I can get tickets.”  She asked if they were sold out, to which I replied that they weren’t even on sale yet.  Well, you see, BFF Nilly lives much closer to the Charlotte area, and she said that she has been hearing about it for a while.  So, I went to Taylor’s site and saw that yes, tickets were on sale.  I freaked out!  I clicked the link to Ticketmaster, and it said that the taylorswift.com pre-sale date was 2/15/11.  Last week!  AND, they went on sale to the general public LAST Friday, 2/18/11.  How could I, of all people, have missed this???  A WEEK ago!  But, I held onto a teensy bit of hope, as it did NOT say the show was sold out.  I still have a chance, I thought.  The tickets might not be great seats, but at least I’d be there.

So, I tried to get two tickets, even though I had planned on knowing ahead of time when tickets would go on sale so I could then finalize with several friends whether they wanted to go with me or not and get the total number of tickets we’d need.  But in this time of panic, I decided I’d settle for two and figure out later who the lucky one would be to get the other ticket to go with me.  And if no one else wanted to go with such crappy seats, at least Jake would go with me.  At least I’d be there. So, I put in that I wanted two tickets, Best Available, at whatever price, and…. nothing.  Not two seats together available in the whole place.

Just out of curiosity, and wondering how the show wasn’t sold out but still did not have two seats available together, I did the same search, this time for only 1 ticket.  They was one!  There is a ticket available.  Maybe there are other individual seats available, and Jake and I can just go and not sit together, as much as he’d love that. So, I went back and did a search again for one ticket, hoping it would bring up a different available seat.  It didn’t.  Is there literally ONE seat left available for Taylor’s Charlotte show?  Really?

So, then I decided to blog about it.  And while I was going over to her website to get the links I’ve linked to in this post, I ran across this note on joining her email list for things like pre-sale notifications:

“Join Taylor’s email list to receive exclusive offers like pre-sale access to concert tickets, invitations to exclusive events and more. We ask for your postal code and country so that we can send you pre-sale ticket information specific to your location. Please note that we send out pre-sale information to fans in a 50-mile radius of the concert’s venue.”

Do you guys see that last part?  That was NOT there when I signed up!  HAD I KNOWN about that, I would have used a zip code closer to the Charlotte area!

At this point, I called my mom, who didn’t answer.  I emailed Jake at work.  He called me about a minute later to see if I was okay.  I posted about it on facebook.  I emailed work BFF Carolyn.  Mom ended up calling back a bit later.

No one can believe I missed these tickets!  But, there is no one who cannot believe it more than me.

Jake said we can check stubhub.com later. 🙂  I already did.  But, I’ll wait on him to get home before I buy any.

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Jake and I met at work.  I was already working there when he was hired, and our office would send out an email once a new employee accepted a position in our office announcing their hire with their name, and where they went to school, and their upcoming start date.  So, once the decision was made to hire Jake and he accepted the position, an email arrived in my inbox saying that Jake Sherbert, who graduated from Clemson University would start on April 2, 2007.

One of our best friends now, and one of the groomsmen in our wedding, Dusty, also worked there at the time Jake started.  He was on my audit team and was already one of my best friends, both at work and outside of work.  Anyway, any time we’d get one of these new hire emails, we would turn to facebook to try to find out about our new coworkers before they arrived in the office.  Naturally, we looked up Jake.

Of course, we stalked his photos, which were typical of many new college graduates: friends, parties, regular ol’ college stuff.

One thing that stood out to me, I still remember, was the fact that he had one of MY favorite quotes in HIS favorite quote section on his profile.

It was this:

To laugh often and love much; to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children; to earn the approbation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to give of one’s self; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived—this is to have succeeded.

LOVE that.

So, when the time came a few years later for us to tie the knot and get married, we had to choose our wedding bands, and with that, something we wanted to have engraved on the inside of them.  We turned to this favorite quote of ours.

My wedding band has the first part of the quote in it: “To laugh often and love much”, and Jake’s has the last part: “This is to have succeeded.”

We definitely laugh often together and love each other much.  And we do feel we have succeeded at finding our perfect matches in each other. ❤

And as for all the things in between, we constantly aim for those every day of our lives.

P.S.  The picture is of my toss bouquet from the wedding.  I absolutely loved all my flowers!

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Recently, Lindsay posted about taking the Regulation portion of the CPA exam. An extremely difficult exam, the CPA exam, weeds out those who dare to test their knowledge of everything they learned and more in college relating to accounting, business, finance, law, taxes, etc. I too am going down the road to CPA’dom. Even though it may be a long and winding road filled with peril and a daunting amount of studying, I see it as a opportunity to increase my knowledge, my credibility, my responsibility, and ultimately my ability to be able to put an acronym after my name.

I have developed a study plan and will give periodic updates (maybe weekly, maybe monthly, maybe yearly depending on how far along I am). My current update is that I am taking the Business, Environment, and Concepts portion of the exam on April 9, 2011. Three and a half hours of pure multiple choice guessing and written communication blundering. Who shall be my guide through the jungle of the CPA certification world but none other than Yaeger CPA Exam review.

I definitely feel the pressure to do well.

Photo: Flickr by konradfoerstner

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