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So, a while ago I posted a picture for The Daily Kitten to use as a cute little loveable kitten picture for their ‘kitten of the day’. I never thought they would use it. I was web searching like usual and went to The Daily Kitten today only to discover our smallest kitty, Charlie, staring back at me. I was very surprised and elated by the fact that Charlie is pretty famous!!

Go to the site to read all the great comments that others have written about our kitty!

What do you think of The Daily Kitten?

Picture: The Daily Kitten

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While we were road tripping around the southeast, my parents ran into a thunderstorm producing copious amounts of hail. These are a few pictures of the miniature balls of frozen precipitation that graced their back yard.

I like to refer to hail as giant dandruff. Isn’t that such a great picture below! It’s the Jolly Green Giant!

I’m sure when it started falling, the parental units were like, “What the hail?”  Haha, ok, I know, I know, that was a bit corny….

It’s not every day of the year that it hails, so I thought it would be good to document this rare occurrence with a hail limerick.

Oh hail, how doth thee fall,

From the heavens to Earth you are a giant dandruff ball,

Little do you know where you will land

Whether it be in leaves, grass or sand

Oh hail, I don’t want your call.

What do you think of my hail limerick that was put together in 30 seconds?  Have you ever been a ‘victim’ of hail?

Picture: Jolly Green Giant – Flickr by 3Neus

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Some of you may know that I love the moon.  I love it so much that Jake even gave me a moon globe as part of my wedding present.  Get it?  He gave me the moon on our wedding day!

Anyway, March 19th, the moon was classified as a SuperMoon, which meant that it was as close to the Earth as it had been in the past 18 years.  We happened to be at Jake’s parents’ house the night before that.  They live out in the country, and we thought it might be the perfect opportunity to get some pretty nice pics of the moon, so we took our camera and tripod.

We are definitely still getting used to our fancy camera, and taking pictures at night are obviously even more challenging than taking pictures in good light, but here are a couple shots we got that we liked:

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At the end of last week, as I was reeling from the news that I passed the last section of the CPA exam, I got another tidbit of excellent news, which pretty much made last week the best week of my life.

Remember when Taylor Swift tickets to her Charlotte, NC show went on sale the week of my exam, and I was so busy studying and preparing for the test that I MISSED THEM??

Well, this past Friday, a couple friends informed me that Taylor has added 16 new stops on her Speak Now tour, and ONE OF THEM IS IN COLUMBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Obviously, this is because I tweeted to her explaining how sad I was to have missed getting tickets.  Obviously.  Anyway, she will be here on November 18th at the Colonial Life Arena.  You might remember from this post that that was the same place where I had AWESOME seats last year when we went to see her Fearless tour.

Now this time I should DEFINITELY be getting my notification email about presale tickets for this show.  But, you can believe I’ll be checking for other news about the date they’ll go on sale.  I.will.not.miss.them.this.time!

So, who wants to go?

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Welcome to the ‘new’ content. The story is somewhat short, the house is a wreck and needs immediate TLC, thus I don’t have much time to write these little stories right now. Also, I will be adding a tab at the top that contains all the Sunday Sherbert Short Stories Series in one easy to access location, so look out for that!

Superhero Strategy

Barter, whose name we learned in part 4, awakens in the middle of the night in a series of cold sweats. His pupils dilated, senses alert… he surveys his surroundings only to realize that he is at his home inside the Statehouse dome. The noises he heard coming from below him awoke him from a slumber of epic proportions. Looking around and listening so intently that he would do Roy Rogers proud, he spots two men with crowbars. A smirk breaks across his face as he tries to contain the thought of teaching these guys a lesson.

Down below, the two men are unaware of any crime thwarting super hero that lives in the SC Statehouse dome. They go on about their lives, pillaging and looting, taking what is not theirs. Their justification is that of trying to feed a hungry family. See, these two men are brothers and like 10.2% of the Columbia, SC population, they are unemployed. They have to resort to violence and stealing to survive.

Immediately into action our superhero goes, dawning the cape that his mother made for him for his 30th birthday. There was a crash, a bam, and a wham!  Next thing the looters knew, they were laying face down being put into handcuffs. The strategy involved by our super hero in capturing the hooligans was like something out of a world class chess match. Unlike chess though, the details of their detection and capture elude them. They just remember that something hit them with the force equal to three stampeding elephants with trunks swinging wildly.

As the pillagers are being arrested, Barter sits up in the capital dome drinking a Margarita, his favorite tropical drink. He thinks to himself, “It is not ideal to punish those who are only trying to survive, but it is unjust not to punish those who break the law, regardless of the circumstances.”

I know that Darth Vader is a ‘bad guy’, but I thought it was a sweet picture. LOL. See you next Sunday!

Picture: Flickr by thrig

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Tonight has been very adventurous! Moving furniture for our painting, checking CPA scores, and realizing that Lindsay has passed all 4 parts of the CPA exam!!!!!!!!!!!!! While she is not licensed as a CPA quite yet, the ‘hard’ part is done. The only thing standing in the way of putting the acronym CPA after her name is an ethics exam. And now, a screenshot from the NASBA website indicating Lindsay’s score of her final part of the CPA exam:

For those who don’t know, you need a 75 or higher to ‘pass’ that portion of the exam. As you can see in the screenshot noted above… a 78 is a passing score… OMG LIKE WHOA!!!

Have you had a good day?

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So, we are painting tomorrow… which means we may not be able to provide a post tomorrow, Saturday, and possibly Sunday. Cleaning, taping, painting, repainting, getting paint on ourselves, moving furniture, petting kitties, eating, etc. Lindsay’s mom is coming down to help! Good times!! We’ll check in periodically.

P.S. Color still undecided at this moment, but the living room and home office area are torn up (everything is in the center of the room) so we are definitely going to paint this weekend. We are wild and crazy kids!!!

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