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I thought it would only be fitting to discuss the royal wedding that occurred at approximately 5 AM eastern yesterday.  Prince William and Kate Middleton were married in Westminster Abbey. Lindsay had planned to get up at 4:50 AM to watch the festivities; however, I convinced her otherwise, Haha. 4:50AM came and went, yet, we still did not stir from our slumber. The festivities passed us by as if a young man on a lawnmower rode past our window as he went down the street to get some more beer. Royalists take this type of momentous occasion very seriously.

I’m sure the internet was a buzz with the royal activities. Everything from the wedding dress to the length of the service to the type of shoes worn was strategically planned. Even the 28,000 tulips planted outside Buckingham palace were planned to bloom during the event. I read that they were a little bit late blooming though. This kind of attention to detail can only be achieved through a wedding of royal nature. The royal wedding brought together millions of people yesterday to celebrate the union of two royal individuals. It is not every day that a prince and future king gets married.

Did any of you get up early to watch?  Did you DVR it?  What did you think about the royal wedding?

Picture: Flickr by paul-simpson.org

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The ageless question: If you could travel to one place in the world, where would it be?

It is a difficult and exciting question to answer. A part of you wants to blurb some exotic destination fret with danger while another part of you wants to say somewhere relatively safe. How do you choose where to travel? Generally, it is determined by the availability of funds at your disposal and the amount of time you have ‘saved up’. However, there are some trips that are a necessity in life and having little to nonexistent funds simply means that you will take the trip in a few years instead of a few months. The first trips in the US that come to mind are the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and New York City.

The type of trip you want to go on might put you face to face with an African beast, allow you the ability to snorkel with Great White sharks, or hang out with Longfin eels (New Zealand). Haha! I have always wanted to go to Mt. Everest Base Camp. I don’t know how realistic that trip actually is, but it is fun to ‘dream’. While these are pretty extreme travels, it is all about using your imagination to determine what trip would suit you best. Everyone has that one trip, the one that is always in the back of their mind, lingering, waiting for someone to ask this exact question… where would you go? The world is a fascinating place. Go out and explore, the leave a comment on where you explored.

If you had to pick one place in the world, where would you go?

Picture: Flickr by Satoru Kikuchi

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My dad and I used to ride around the back country roads (some of them not paved) looking for muscadine vines. You may ask yourself, “What in the world is a muscadine vine and why were the Sherbert boys looking for one?” Well… a muscadine is a little southern ‘fruit’ with a seed (pit) in the middle of it. You can think of them as big grapes. They usually climb up and around trees, thus the reason for us driving around finding them. Once you find a muscadine vine, you will realize that most of the little fruits are up in the trees. Although daunting, it is relatively simple to obtain access to the fruit. You pull down part of the vine, not off the tree, just pull it down so you can grab the muscadine fruit then let it go so that it may continue to flourish for next season.

There is a larger form of the muscadine called the scupperdine (scuppernong). Both of the vines look very similar. Here is what a vine looks like:

As you can see, this is a domesticated scupperdine vine. Some people even make scupperdine wine to ease their troubled minds on a rough day. This is a southern form of high society drinking. Haha!

There is a total of 2 scupperdine planted at the base of the trellis. They group up and around the structure clinging to anything and everything…

Have you ever had scupperdine/scuppernong wine?

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So, remember this post I wrote about how I’d get a second chance at the Taylor Swift tickets I’d missed for her tour stop in Charlotte?

Today was that day!  Yesterday evening when I got home from work, I checked my email to find my PRESALE ALERT EMAIL from the Taylor Swift Fan Club that I never received for the Charlotte tour stop since I didn’t have a zip code within 50 miles of that show’s venue.

So, today at 10am, Taylor Swift Fan Club presale code in hand, Jake and I both went online to reserve some tickets.  We were able to compare seats the website produced and determined that the ones that came up for me were better because they were for Seats 1-2 which meant I’d be on the end of our row.  Which was good, in case… ya know, she shows up halfway through her show close enough to touch her again!  Or to get a hug.  Or just to really good pictures at least!

So, I went ahead and bought two tickets, and Jake and I will be going to see Taylor here in Columbia on November 18th!  Unless of course, someone else wants to go with me and free Jake of his husbandly duty to accompany me to see my fave.

So, today was a great day!  Happy Taylor Swift Presale Day everyone!!

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The feeling you get when you obtain your first house together is pretty exciting. You get the butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms, and random hyperventilation brought upon by the amount of money you just ‘spent’. Luckily for us, these physiological anxious reactions were not part of our buying experience. Behold, I give you our first new house bought together as a couple! It was built and constructed during our courtship.

I know what you are thinking… Jake, that is a lego house. Yes it is and we are proud to say that it took us approximately 1 hour to build. That’s right, you read that correctly, we bought our first house together as a couple and it wasn’t even put together… we had to do all the work ourselves! It came complete with our first tree too!

It is portable, easily disassembled, two stories, and plastic (will last a long time). We chose yellow and black as a color because we wanted the house to reflect our love for nature in the form of a bee. It even comes with a grill and mailbox! Haha, while this may seem a bit deceiving, it is a humorous adaptation of our ongoing project that is the home office. Yes, we have graced our Ikea Expedit 5×5 with our first house.

What do you think of our first house as a couple?

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Happy Easter everyone!

Today’s tale stems from the bunnies of old, in particular a bunny named Hoppy. He has the uncanny ability to find the good in every situation regardless of the circumstances presented. One day he was hopping through the forest on his way to see his strange uncle and he happened upon a nice little turtle named Shelly. Shelly was a very old and wise turtle with many years of experience in such a deserted forest. She told Hoppy of the animals of the old country, the horrors that used to roam these forests. While Hoppy was afraid of such fearsome beasts, he was reassured by Shelly that such animals have come extinct before his time. Hoppy waves his little bunny paw as he hopped away from Shelly, never to meet again.

Deeper into the forest he hopped, hoping that the stories that were told to him this afternoon were nothing but a fairytale. Soon after this thought crossed Hoppy’s mind, he heard a rustling of bushes and shrubbery behind him. Being a brave and curious bunny, Hoppy went to investigate such a movement. He crouched toward the bushes that were moving as if they were alive. The fear began to build the closer he got to these bushes.

When he got too close to those bushes, a GIANT bunny hopped out. It was about 6 times the size of Hoppy and it’s fur was the color of a pastel rainbow. Hoppy freaked out, as any living creature would do in such a circumstance. Hoppy mumbled, “Wha… Who are you?” The GIANT bunny replied, “Why little bunny friend, I am the Easter Bunny. I come out from my hiding place once per year to bring enjoyment in the form of candy to all little creatures.” Hoppy was distraught with terror. He thought to himself, “Why does a GIANT bunny go around giving candy to everyone?” The Easter Bunny, who called himself Fred, sensed Hoppy’s terror and tried to comfort him by giving him a chocolate bunny rabbit to eat. This only made things worse because Hoppy was a bunny himself, how dare this overgrown bunny try to get him to eat a chocolate version of himself. Hoppy was beginning to not like this so called Easter Bunny.

Poor Fred was beginning to feel that his attempts at being hospitable were futile at best. As a last resort, the Easter Bunny made a leap of faith. He told Hoppy, “I understand that you are frightened and are beginning to dislike me, but I do a lot of good in the world (except to children’s teeth). Here, I will imbue you with some of my Easter Bunny power so that you may bring the joys of Easter to all those around you.” Hoppy was terrified, he didn’t want to be voodoo magiced by this HUGE bunny. As Hoppy began to run, Fred grabbed him and waved a magical Easter Bunny ear while chanting something that Hoppy could not quite make out. Hoppy felt weird, very weird. His bunny fur began to change colors, his two front teeth grew to comical proportions, and he even laid an egg. Oh, Hoppy was not happy with such a transformation. Upon imbuing Hoppy, the Easter Bunny said, “Ok, I will take away the change of color and the oversized teeth, but I am going to allow you to lay golden, chocolate eggs from now on.” After correcting the color and size issues, the Easter Bunny bid Hoppy a farewell and hopped back behind those bushes leaving Hoppy with the unique ability to lay golden, chocolate eggs at will.

Hoppy went through the bunny land, even onto the bunny ranches, laying golden, chocolate eggs to everyone. He made quite a profit from this ability. Everyone loved Hoppy! And this is how the Easter Bunny began the tradition of equating Eggs with Easter. In addition to laying golden, chocolate eggs, Hoppy was also left with immortality (a side effect) and he is still out in the world today spreading Easter Egg goodness to all those who believe.

Have a great week!

Picture: Flickr by wwarby

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Good Friday everyone! You stare at your computer screen for countless hours each day, it might as well look good, right? There are copious amounts of computer wallpaper sites out there, some of them are good and some of them you might want to scan your computer with anti-virus/anti-malware software after visiting. Regardless, these sites offer the same ‘product’… beauty and customization of your desktop.

My favorite computer wallpaper site is:


They cater to a more upscale digital photography type of crowd. Most of the wallpapers on Interfacelift were taken with a DSLR or created using photo manipulation software (Photoshop, Vue, etc). The primary reason I enjoy their wallpapers is because they are generally pictures of landscapes from all over the world. I sit at my computer thinking, “I would love to go there.” However, the world is just too large to go everywhere so this is the value that interfacelift provides to me… The ability to see the world through a camera lens.

The quality of the images are astounding and Interfacelift has a pretty good system for determining which wallpapers make the front page. They let the members of the site vote on each picture. The wallpaper with the highest amount of votes gets shown to the world via the front page of interfacelift.

What is your favorite desktop wallpaper site?

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