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Good Sunday! We have been very busy here lately, thus the lack of posting over the past few days/weeks. We will go more in depth on the activities that have been occupying our time in a different post. For now, we wanted to give you an update on the progress of our home office desks. I’ll bet you can’t guess whose desk is whose! And… on to desk #1:

That is a bright light!

Check out the edge of the moon globe up in the top left hand corner of the picture (on top of the expedit bookcase). Now we will see Desk #2!

Check out the M&M plush pillow sitting up there! Don’t forget about the bowl of M&M’s sitting on the desk!

Two monitors is a must have now days. It adds a ton of potential for productivity and looks pretty cool as well :).

Our full desk area, I guess you have figured out which desk is which by now, especially considering Lindsay sitting at her desk LOL. Please excuse Lindsay in her pajamas…

Since we last posted about the home office progress, we found the PERFECT piece to put between our two desks to house my computer and hold the printer, the Micke Storage Unit from Ikea.  It fits exactly between our desks and holds the trash can.  We also got the Vika Alex drawer unit for under Lindsay’s desk.  Over the weekend, Lindsay and her mom covered the IKEA bulletin boards (corkboard) wrapped in IKEA fabric (Fredrika and Susanna), and we were able to hang them up above Lindsay’s desk, along with the IKEA Bygel bar that holds the cups (5″ Ikea Asker storage containers) full of her colorful pens.  We still have more plans in store for our desks. They are a work in progress!

What do you think of our desks up to this point?  Lindsay is in love with hers.


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Good afternoon! Yesterday, Confederate Memorial Day, we were going to go to the Riverbanks Zoo; however, once we arrived around 10 am, we noticed that there were a bunch of school buses full of kids parked out front. This was a ‘deal breaker’ for us as we didn’t want to have to ‘fight’ through a sea of kids to see a monkey. Instead, we decided to go to the Congaree National Park. When we arrived there, the first thing that struck us was the heat… it was hot, very hot. After parking, we went into the visitor center to see what this National park was all about. Come to find out, they have a 2.6 mile elevated boardwalk. Well, considering it was already 1:00 pm and we didn’t want to walk around in the heat for that long, we decided to give it a try.

Oh the heat was stifling, as were the mosquitoes (if you stopped walking). We got bit a few times, but nothing substantial considering we were walking the entire time. The lower boardwalk was the most mosquito prone area where you would get ‘swarmed’ if you were to stop walking:

Half way through the 2.6 mile hike, you come across the elevated portion of the boardwalk. It is approximately 6-8 feet above the swampy floor (probably due to amazing amount of flooding that occurs). We saw a picture where the elevated boardwalk was under water except for the handrails… that means the water rose anywhere from 5 to 10 feet above the forest floor. That is wild and crazy!

Overall, the boardwalk was really awesome! You felt like you would see some prehistoric animal roaming through the swamp.

It was well built and included various benches upon which to rest your weary self.

Check out our next post to see pictures about the wildlife we encountered while hiking through the park!

Have you ever been to the Congaree National Park?

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We just wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day today to two of the most special women in the world…. our moms!  These are the women who teach us, feed us, care for us, make us laugh, and most of all have loved us our entire lives and have shown us what love for one’s child is all about.  We just want to say thanks for always being there for us!  We love you both so much!

Here are pics of us with our moms on our wedding day almost 7 months ago:

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We got married on October 10, 2010.  Then, we enjoyed an awesome honeymoon in St. Lucia!  Then, the weekend after we got back, we went on a fun half-day hiking trip with my new father-in-law (Daddy Dan, as I call him) and Jake’s friend, (our Best Man from the wedding) Daniel.

The destination was the Raven Cliff Falls trail in Greenville, SC, which is part of Caesar’s Head State Park.  We spent the night before at Jake’s parents’ house since they’re only about a half hour from Greenville and we’d be able to get started early.  Daddy Dan is an early riser, whereas I prefer about 10am for my morning rising. We started the trip around 7:30 am.  It was a nice little hike, and I think we all enjoyed it, even though Daniel did have an incident involving some water that looked like leaves which soaked his feet. Those overly hydrated leaves will get you every time!

You can barely make out the collection of leaves in the right of the picture above, right below the rock, into which Daniel stepped trying to help me back across the raging torrent that was a puddle of water. Regardless, it was a momentous occasion to have made it to the suspension bridge at Raven Cliff Falls, approximately 4 miles one way. We had enough time to relax, enjoy the view, and get this picture of Daddy Dan indicating his domination of the suspension bridge:

The pictures above are all taken at, or around, the suspension bridge area of the Raven Cliff Falls trail. The trails leading to the suspension bridge were relatively flat, not too difficult, but did keep the blood pumping depending on how fast you were going. Some parts (coming up from the suspension bridge), were a little more difficult than others, but with a little break and constant hydration, they were just another notch in our belts. Don’t get me wrong, by the end of it, we were exhausted, especially since we woke up so early to go hiking. It was fun, aerobic, scenic, but most importantly we got to walk around on a freakin awesome suspension bridge above a waterfall.

Where do you think the next place we hike should be?

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Good Sunday everyone! As tradition, below is a short story that I wrote for fun.

A young, determined man approaches his car in a random Spring afternoon with a unique purpose. While his purpose is honorable, it is not distinctly admirable. He casually opens the vehicle door and climbs in noticing the smell of the afternoon sun as it radiates through the windshield. He smiles as he starts the car engine as it reminds him of freedom and the unrestrained sense of exploration that goes along with driving. He drives around town collecting his various friends, a total of 5 in all. This day is special for him and his friends because it is the day that adventure will take precedence over reason and logic.

The group of men and women that have assembled ride countless hours to a destination that only the driver knows. Upon arriving, they gaze upon the gigantic blue and yellow store front before them. They look at each other, all of them wondering why they have spent their afternoon off to come to IKEA. The driver gives a mischievous grin as he unveils his plan for which will ultimately lead to amusement within IKEA. He tells of past stories in which individuals and groups have partaken in an ageless tradition dating back centuries called, “Hide-and-Go Seek”. Upon mentioning such a sacred activity, the group of people give an impish smile even more than the driver.

They enter the massive store innocently. They decide that it would be best if the ‘home base’ would be the canteen located on the second floor, up the escalators and to the right. They sit down to enjoy a nice Saturday brunch and discuss their plan. Wild ideas and unreserved imagination come forth from the individuals indicating the location of the best hiding places in the store. Little does IKEA know, but they are about to be ‘assaulted’ by these individuals and their Love of physical and mental deception (hiding).

They finish their nourishment exceedingly fast, oh the anticipation is unbearable to such an imaginative crowd. It begins. They all depart in separate directions determined to find the best and most creative hiding places that IKEA has to offer. The driver of the vehicle was the moderator and was granted the ability to choose the first person to stalk the rest of the crowd. He counts to 100 before the shenanigans begin. Upon whispering quietly to himself, “100”, he raises his head from the hunched over position gazing around allowing his eyes to adjust to the contrast from dark to light. He rises, his heart pounding, his pupils dilated, he begins to walk…

Of the 5 people hiding, how many individuals do you think he found? The answer shall be next week’s short story! Oh the anticipation!

Picture: Flickr by Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi

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