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So, one of my favorite blogs to read is Young House Love.  And from reading it, I got started reading Bower Power blog as well, since Sherry from YHL and Katie from Bower Power are best buds.  Anyway, over the summer the two of them teamed up, along with two others, and issued their first Pinterest Challenge.  If you are interested in checking them out, the links are here and here.  And you can check out their completed projects from back then here and here.  Although I’d signed up for a Pinterest account at the time, I hadn’t yet gotten hooked or pinned very much, so I didn’t participate.

Fast forward to now, and that is a whole different story, and last week, they issued their second Pinterest Challenge – Fall Edition!  Links for these are here and here.  Joining Sherry and Katie this time, are two new folks: Ana from ana-white.com and Erin from House of Earnest.  And wouldn’t  you know it, I have pinned so many ideas now, I thought surely I could choose one to put my own spin on, as they say, and participate this time!

So, in honor of our anniversary earlier this month (which we still need to post about), here is the pin I chose, which didn’t have a source, other than the girl in the photo is the cousin of the girl who originally pinned it:

And here is our take on it:

I loved this idea as soon as I saw it!  This one is a little late, but at least we did get it done during our anniversary month.  It was super easy, though… once we got a picture with no shadows behind us or glare on the glass.  We just chose one of our favorite pictures from our wedding, blew it up to 16×24, framed it, and started trying different shots with it.  We used the tripod to do it ourselves for a while, but in the end, we removed the glass to get rid of the glare, and we had our friend, Amanda, take our picture.  (Thanks, Amanda!)

Our hope is to be able to continue to do this each year on our anniversary.  For two people who love photos as much as we do, this was perfect!  We still aren’t sure yet what we will do with the enlargements of all the ‘old’ photos each year.  They will obviously take up too much space to keep them all framed and displayed together, but maybe we could just replace each year’s photo in the same frame.  And maybe we could somehow display smaller versions of each photo somehow.  Anyone got any suggestion?  I bet Pinterest will have some ideas!

We did add a new tab at the top of the blog that says, “Anniversary!” so check it out.  We plan to update that with each new photo as well.  It’s just too bad that we have to wait another year for a new one.

Here are the links to the others’ posts: Sherry’s, Katie’s, Erin’s, and Ana’s

Did anyone else out there participate in the Pinterest Challenge – Fall Edition?  Let us know!  And happy pinning!


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As I first mentioned here, we spent the week of Labor Day at Litchfield Beach with Jake’s mom and dad.  We enjoyed a relaxing week walking on the beach, swimming in the pool, and eating delicious food.  Here are some pics!

This is the view from our balcony at the beach.  Isn’t it awesome!?

We decided to do a little walking down the beach and took this picture along the way.  This is Jake with his beach beard.

While walking down the beach, we came upon copious amounts of wildlife!  The starfish were everywhere!  It was amazing how many we saw.  Daddy Dan had to save a few because they had flipped over… he is our hero!

Did you know that they can move so much?  The starfish were washed up on the beach and as the tide went out, they scrambled towards the water.  When that didn’t work, they would bury themselves in the sand and wait for the goodness of the ocean to return and wash them back out to sea.  It was truly one of the neatest things ever.

How cool are starfish?  Have you ever run across them at the beach?  Anyone else ever been to Litchfield?  Peaceful little beach, that one.

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Hey Everyone! We hope that you had a happy 4th of July! We celebrated Independence Day by having amazing hot dogs complete with chili and barbecue chips for lunch followed up by a good ol’ American steak (for Jake) and shrimp (for me) for dinner.

What did you do for the 4th of July this year?

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We just wanted to say Happy Father’s Day today to two of the greatest guys we know…. our dads!  These are the men who teach us everything they know, make us laugh, and most of all have loved us our entire lives and have shown us what it means to remain a kid at heart.  We just want to say thanks for always being there for us!  We love you both so much!

Here are pics of us with our dads on our wedding day a little over 8 months ago:

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We just wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day today to two of the most special women in the world…. our moms!  These are the women who teach us, feed us, care for us, make us laugh, and most of all have loved us our entire lives and have shown us what love for one’s child is all about.  We just want to say thanks for always being there for us!  We love you both so much!

Here are pics of us with our moms on our wedding day almost 7 months ago:

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Happy Easter everyone!

Today’s tale stems from the bunnies of old, in particular a bunny named Hoppy. He has the uncanny ability to find the good in every situation regardless of the circumstances presented. One day he was hopping through the forest on his way to see his strange uncle and he happened upon a nice little turtle named Shelly. Shelly was a very old and wise turtle with many years of experience in such a deserted forest. She told Hoppy of the animals of the old country, the horrors that used to roam these forests. While Hoppy was afraid of such fearsome beasts, he was reassured by Shelly that such animals have come extinct before his time. Hoppy waves his little bunny paw as he hopped away from Shelly, never to meet again.

Deeper into the forest he hopped, hoping that the stories that were told to him this afternoon were nothing but a fairytale. Soon after this thought crossed Hoppy’s mind, he heard a rustling of bushes and shrubbery behind him. Being a brave and curious bunny, Hoppy went to investigate such a movement. He crouched toward the bushes that were moving as if they were alive. The fear began to build the closer he got to these bushes.

When he got too close to those bushes, a GIANT bunny hopped out. It was about 6 times the size of Hoppy and it’s fur was the color of a pastel rainbow. Hoppy freaked out, as any living creature would do in such a circumstance. Hoppy mumbled, “Wha… Who are you?” The GIANT bunny replied, “Why little bunny friend, I am the Easter Bunny. I come out from my hiding place once per year to bring enjoyment in the form of candy to all little creatures.” Hoppy was distraught with terror. He thought to himself, “Why does a GIANT bunny go around giving candy to everyone?” The Easter Bunny, who called himself Fred, sensed Hoppy’s terror and tried to comfort him by giving him a chocolate bunny rabbit to eat. This only made things worse because Hoppy was a bunny himself, how dare this overgrown bunny try to get him to eat a chocolate version of himself. Hoppy was beginning to not like this so called Easter Bunny.

Poor Fred was beginning to feel that his attempts at being hospitable were futile at best. As a last resort, the Easter Bunny made a leap of faith. He told Hoppy, “I understand that you are frightened and are beginning to dislike me, but I do a lot of good in the world (except to children’s teeth). Here, I will imbue you with some of my Easter Bunny power so that you may bring the joys of Easter to all those around you.” Hoppy was terrified, he didn’t want to be voodoo magiced by this HUGE bunny. As Hoppy began to run, Fred grabbed him and waved a magical Easter Bunny ear while chanting something that Hoppy could not quite make out. Hoppy felt weird, very weird. His bunny fur began to change colors, his two front teeth grew to comical proportions, and he even laid an egg. Oh, Hoppy was not happy with such a transformation. Upon imbuing Hoppy, the Easter Bunny said, “Ok, I will take away the change of color and the oversized teeth, but I am going to allow you to lay golden, chocolate eggs from now on.” After correcting the color and size issues, the Easter Bunny bid Hoppy a farewell and hopped back behind those bushes leaving Hoppy with the unique ability to lay golden, chocolate eggs at will.

Hoppy went through the bunny land, even onto the bunny ranches, laying golden, chocolate eggs to everyone. He made quite a profit from this ability. Everyone loved Hoppy! And this is how the Easter Bunny began the tradition of equating Eggs with Easter. In addition to laying golden, chocolate eggs, Hoppy was also left with immortality (a side effect) and he is still out in the world today spreading Easter Egg goodness to all those who believe.

Have a great week!

Picture: Flickr by wwarby

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Usually, I am not a sucker for such shenanigans as April Fools, but today my boss’s boss (the director) got me pretty good!

He sent out an official looking email to everyone in my department outlining how we are going to have to move offices to a different building. In addition to moving, the majority of us would be moving back to cubicles from the offices we have now. Well, you can understand where my heart sank a little at the news that I would be moving back to a cubicle. There is something psychologically satisfying with having your own office. I suppose the idea that it is your space gives it personalization. Regardless, he said we were moving.

What made it infinitely more believable was that someone else in the department ‘replied all’ saying, “April Fools!” The director was quick to reply saying, “I wish”. I notified Lindsay of the news that I’d be moving yet again. Approximately 30 minutes to an hour later, I get another email regarding the office spaces and moving from the director. To my surprise, this email had a bunch of flashing cartoon looking cats determined to highlight that I had just been the victim of a prank of epic proportions on this April Fools day. To the director, all I have to say is, “touche”.

Did you get pranked on April Fools? If so, how?

Picture: Flickr by naydeeyah

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