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So, I just went to the SC Board of Accountancy’s website to check the status of my CPA license application, and it said I had no pending applications.  Hmmm.  I thought it was weird, since it had been showing they’d received everything and was just waiting for the Board’s approval.

So, since there was nothing there, I decided to check the licensee lookup, JUST IN CASE, and I was there!  I’ve been approved!  With an official license number and everything!



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Before you look at this post and think… I thought the CPA exam was passed. Well, that was for Lindsay, not myself. I am currently in the beginning process of taking the CPA exam in an effort to increase the length of my name by adding the acronym CPA after it. My first part that I am going to be taking is Business Environment and Concepts. It includes everything from cost accounting to corporate governance to IT to economics. It is kind of the ‘catch all’ section. I wanted to give everyone an update as to my CPA exam review status… and I am going to write this with a cat literally laying on my hand as I type. I think to myself WWACPAD (pronounced “Wack pad”)… What Would A CPA Do… and my answer is… they would continue onward even though Charlie (the cat) is determined to be noticed. The CPA would also use nothing other than a 4 function calculator…

BEC is coming along nicely. I am approximately 10 videos out of 26 videos through the material. Yes, I will analyze my progress based on the amount of videos I have completed and right now I am approximately 38.46% done. I will also incorporate various other misc aspects into my calculation of progress such as: The paleness of my skin due to lack of sunlight (some pigmentation left), the soreness of my eyes from staring at books all night (advil extra strength will do fine for now), and the weight gained due to lack of exercise since I will be studying a lot (It is like a supply curve graph… LOL, I wonder what section of BEC I am studying right now). I will take the BEC Exam on Saturday, May 21… woot woot.

I watch a video, do a multiple choice problem, watch the video some more… pet the cat that has leaped into my arms from upon high… place the cat onto the ground in an effort to keep him from ripping my book apart (YES, Milo ripped a page out of my CPA Wiley book tonight, those cats are vicious HAHA)… and then study some more. It is a balancing act! Ok, my hand is beginning to get tired because of the cat laying on it while I try to type.

What else would a CPA do?

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Lindsay just sent me an email with a link detailing the 2011 CPA exam pass rates from the 1st quarter. Generally, when people think of the CPA exam, they think it isn’t that difficult. If they do consider it difficult, unless they have had the experience of taking all 4 parts, they probably have a convoluted idea of the difficulty. I will link to Another71.com so you can see the pass rates for the 2011 CPA exam.

Q1 2011 CPA Exam Passing Rates

Overall, you can see that none of the parts of the CPA exam have a pass rate above 50%. For the first quarter of 2011, the highest pass rate for any of the 4 parts is 43.88%. Think about that, only 43.88% of people pass the ‘easiest’ portion of the exam. You only have to score a 75 on the exam to ‘pass’.

Did this change your perception of the CPA exam?

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Tonight has been very adventurous! Moving furniture for our painting, checking CPA scores, and realizing that Lindsay has passed all 4 parts of the CPA exam!!!!!!!!!!!!! While she is not licensed as a CPA quite yet, the ‘hard’ part is done. The only thing standing in the way of putting the acronym CPA after her name is an ethics exam. And now, a screenshot from the NASBA website indicating Lindsay’s score of her final part of the CPA exam:

For those who don’t know, you need a 75 or higher to ‘pass’ that portion of the exam. As you can see in the screenshot noted above… a 78 is a passing score… OMG LIKE WHOA!!!

Have you had a good day?

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Just waiting and waiting.  For my REG exam score.  Need to find out if I passed!  Word on the street was that scores may be released tomorrow, only to find out today that they are now not expected to release until the ‘last week of March’………..


I need to know if I passed!  If so, I’m done!  DONE!

If not, I lost credit for BEC.  And, I will lose credit for AUD at the end of June, which really means the end of May since June is a non-testing month.

That means, if I did not pass REG, I will have to retake it AND retake BEC and pass them BOTH before the end of May, or I will lose credit for AUD.  See the fun cycle emerging here?

I really need to have passed.

I really need to FIND OUT if I passed.  Or failed.  Because I’ll obviously have two tests to be studying for by the end of May if that’s the case, which is basically two months from when I am now supposed to find out.


Just waiting and waiting……… with fingers crossed.

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Recently, Lindsay posted about taking the Regulation portion of the CPA exam. An extremely difficult exam, the CPA exam, weeds out those who dare to test their knowledge of everything they learned and more in college relating to accounting, business, finance, law, taxes, etc. I too am going down the road to CPA’dom. Even though it may be a long and winding road filled with peril and a daunting amount of studying, I see it as a opportunity to increase my knowledge, my credibility, my responsibility, and ultimately my ability to be able to put an acronym after my name.

I have developed a study plan and will give periodic updates (maybe weekly, maybe monthly, maybe yearly depending on how far along I am). My current update is that I am taking the Business, Environment, and Concepts portion of the exam on April 9, 2011. Three and a half hours of pure multiple choice guessing and written communication blundering. Who shall be my guide through the jungle of the CPA certification world but none other than Yaeger CPA Exam review.

I definitely feel the pressure to do well.

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Ugh.  Well, the good news is that I am done studying!  At least for a little while.  I took my 4th (and hopefully last!) part – Regulation – of the CPA exam today.  (Jake ended up rescheduling his section for April.) Regulation is full of all kinds of fun material including taxation for individuals, partnerships, and corporations, as well as things like agency law, business structures, and employment regulation just to name a few.  It really is a beast of an exam.

Anyway, fingers crossed I passed!  If I didn’t pass, it means I lose credit for the first part I passed way back in August 2009 when I started this mess, which was BEC.  If I passed, it means I am done studying for the CPA exam!  And it means there will be a celebration of gargantuan proportions.  So, get ready (again, hopefully)!

So, this morning while I was reviewing for the test, Jake went out and brought back some breakfast from Chick-fil-A… my favorite: a chicken biscuit, hash browns, and a large half sweet tea-half lemonade.  Perfect test-taking breakfast.  So, then Jake drove me to the exam (we are a one-car household right now and have been since Christmas, while my dad is fixing a clutch issue on my car) and dropped me off at about 11:30, and the test was three hours.  So, he was there waiting for me at 2:30 like the great husband that he is when I finished up at 2:30.

I had been wanting to go to Hobby Lobby for a little while  now to check out… well, everything there.  I’ve been in a creating/decorating mood but haven’t been able to indulge due to all the studying consuming my free time.  So, that was on the plan for today after my test.  We went by there, walked around the entire place, and did not find a single. thing. to buy.  Very strange.  BUT, I think it was because I needed some lunch.  Or dinner.  It was around 3:30 or so, but I hadn’t eaten anything since the chicken biscuit.  Linner? 

We left Hobby Lobby and went to eat at Ruby Tuesday, which is quickly becoming our new favorite restaurant.  Because…. they have these amaaaaazing garlic cheese biscuits now (like the ones of Red Lobster fame), and they bring them to you (as many as you’ll eat – and if you’re me, that’s a lot!) before the meal to sufficiently fill you up before the food you ordered actually arrives.  So, then I enjoyed the baked mac and cheese and white cheddar mashed potatoes that I ordered with my New Orleans Seafood entree of tilapia and shrimp in a parmesan cream sauce, and brought the fish home with me.  Speaking of, I am kinda hungry, and some leftovers might be good right about now.


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