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We just wanted to say Happy Father’s Day today to two of the greatest guys we know…. our dads!  These are the men who teach us everything they know, make us laugh, and most of all have loved us our entire lives and have shown us what it means to remain a kid at heart.  We just want to say thanks for always being there for us!  We love you both so much!

Here are pics of us with our dads on our wedding day a little over 8 months ago:


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We just wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day today to two of the most special women in the world…. our moms!  These are the women who teach us, feed us, care for us, make us laugh, and most of all have loved us our entire lives and have shown us what love for one’s child is all about.  We just want to say thanks for always being there for us!  We love you both so much!

Here are pics of us with our moms on our wedding day almost 7 months ago:

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I thought it would only be fitting to discuss the royal wedding that occurred at approximately 5 AM eastern yesterday.  Prince William and Kate Middleton were married in Westminster Abbey. Lindsay had planned to get up at 4:50 AM to watch the festivities; however, I convinced her otherwise, Haha. 4:50AM came and went, yet, we still did not stir from our slumber. The festivities passed us by as if a young man on a lawnmower rode past our window as he went down the street to get some more beer. Royalists take this type of momentous occasion very seriously.

I’m sure the internet was a buzz with the royal activities. Everything from the wedding dress to the length of the service to the type of shoes worn was strategically planned. Even the 28,000 tulips planted outside Buckingham palace were planned to bloom during the event. I read that they were a little bit late blooming though. This kind of attention to detail can only be achieved through a wedding of royal nature. The royal wedding brought together millions of people yesterday to celebrate the union of two royal individuals. It is not every day that a prince and future king gets married.

Did any of you get up early to watch?  Did you DVR it?  What did you think about the royal wedding?

Picture: Flickr by paul-simpson.org

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Your eyes are heavy. They slightly burn from the long day that you just had and they are screaming for rest. You see your bed, but neglect it initially because you don’t want to give in to its mysterious power of persuasion. After pacing in front of the bed a few times, you realize that you can no longer resist such a temptation as laying down and relaxing. You lay down, close your eyes, and drift off into the depths of your own mind. What a wonderful way to spend part of the day… resting, relaxing, and recovering.

As you lay there fighting with your eyelids and consciousness, imagine that you hear a small horse like creature galloping into the room. Imagine that it makes a cute little noise then, as if frightened by air, sprints from the room while half meowing as if to say, “Waaaaaaake up y’all, I need attention”. Upon hearing such a rambunctious animal, you weakly open one eyelid trying to glance around to ensure that mammal isn’t about to pounce on you. You did it, you finally made it to that glorious slumber. You lay there motionless, relaxed, and without a worry in the world… at least until a mammal weighing approximately 10 pounds pounces from the shadows as if trained to be a super ninja complete with talons.

Your bloodshot eyes spring to life. The animal has awoken the slumber of a giant in comparison to its size. After pouncing, the attention-seeking feline maintains his mini-horse gallop from the room while letting out its half meow battle cry. Oh, how you just want to sleep undisturbed. After your pulse returns to below 100 beats per minute, you begin to relax a little bit still weary of an impending attack. Until now, the little cat has only played games with your emotions as if to wear you down before moving in for the ‘kill’.

It happens, you wake up suddenly with the pitter patter sounds of a mini-horse galloping towards you. You hear the half meow right before it leaps onto the bed from afar. It strikes your feet in a whirlwind of orange tabby fur. You can think to yourself that you are prepared for such an onslaught, but you would be mistaken. You try to move your appendages away from the danger that is the little kitty without the inner knowledge that it is your feet moving that excites him. If you would only keep your feet still. After the battle, the loveable kitty goes and takes a nap at the very feet that he laid siege to earlier.

How much do you like naps? What events/activities awaken you from those naps?

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Today, like the rest of this weekend, was spent with me trying to readjust to Eastern Time since I’ve been on Pacific Time the past two weeks.  I was in Phoenix, AZ for work and got back into Columbia early early Saturday morning, after spending all day Friday traveling.

Needless to say, while I was gone, Jake was holding down the fort all by himself…. doing everything from studying for the CPA exam and wrangling the kitties to cleaning up some stuff in the house and entertaining you guys on the blog with a video post.  All of that combined with his little bit of writer’s block means no short story for you guys today.  Tune back in next week (hopefully) for some more of that story goodness.

Pretty much the only productive thing we did this weekend (besides enjoying being back together after the longest time we’ve spent apart in the history of us!) was that we were able to get some of our books put on our brand new bookcase.  We’ll have to give you guys some pics later.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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Sitting down to write a post is daunting at times. You get the proverbial writers block which leads to you sitting there… thinking… not knowing what to write about. So, it dawned on me, why not write about not knowing what to write about, that is a genius idea! After all, blogs are supposed to be fun. If you are not having a good time you better be making or on your way to making some ‘bank’ (money). If you ARE having a good time, then it shouldn’t be a burden to write a post every day as we try to do here on The Sherbert Report. Remember, writing is a hobby!

Without further ado, I give you cure for writers block and overall procrastination. If you follow these steps, you are more likely to do something than to do nothing. They are:

  1. Stand up
  2. Do 10 jumping jacks
  3. Spin around in a circle 5 times as fast as you can go
  4. Sit back down immediately afterwards
  5. Start writing the first thing that comes to mind (it’ll probably be that you are dizzy)
  6. BAM, I just cured your writers block.. you now have several things to write about (dizziness, spinning, jumping jacks, standing up)
Disclaimer: Consult your physician before trying any of the above exercises.

If you do the above exercises and don’t have something to write about, might I suggest you proceed to step two of ‘curing writers block’. In step two, the emphasis is on the more creative aspects of life. The steps are as follows:

  1. Stand up
  2. Get in your car (make sure you have keys)
  3. Drive to Walmart/Target/Grocery Store
  4. Buy coloring book and crayons
  5. Come home
  6. Color
Disclaimer: Consult your inner child first before attempting such maneuvers, otherwise he/she might not be your friend anymore.

I can hear you now, “But Jake, these are just activities and they don’t add any real writing value!” Well, where do you think writing comes from. It comes from creativity, imagination, and activities, sometimes from ink or graphite. We just covered all three of those with this two step procedure. Should you finish this two step procedure without a writer’s block remedy, then might I suggest scribbling on a piece of paper or taking a shower. All joking aside, I simply have you do these other things to get your mind off of trying to produce content. Instead, you should do something creative, some fun to spark that part of your brain.

Writing and having a topic to write about are two different things. Writing is the creative part while picking a topic to write about is the calculated part. You can decide that you want to write about how to raise a baby penguin on a diet of cheerios (don’t try that), but it is the task of writing that conveys the story, not the topic you chose. Don’t confuse writing with picking a topic.

Disclaimer: I have no formal writing or psychological training, simply psychological guessing. I could say that I stayed a Holiday Inn express last night, but that just isn’t true.

Do you ever get writer’s block? How do you cure it?

Picture: Flickr by Charles Jeffrey Danoff

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