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Hey everyone! Remember when we showed you our home office? Wellllll… We just found out that we were featured at Unclutterer.com as the ‘workspace of the week’ on June 3, 2011! Yes, Yes, I know… that is a month and a half ago, but better late than never, amirite? Anyway, here is the link to that post by Unclutterer.com:

Unclutterer.com Workspace of the Week

We are excited to be part of an elite grouping of individuals to be noticed for our office antics and design. We thoroughly enjoyed the post and the comments about our home office. Also, Lindsay wanted me to add a disclaimer: “Please excuse her and her PJ’s.”  Who knew that Lindsay would ever be featured on Unclutterer.com of all places? Haha! BTW… please excuse Lindsay’s shirt which says, “Clemson Sucks.”  By no means does she think, or encourage others to think, that Clemson sucks.  In fact, it is quite the opposite… she LOVES Clemson. Occasionally, she does the Taylor Swift ‘heart hands’ when I simply speak the word, “Clemson.”  Regardless, she is seen wearing the shirt because it is simply a ‘comfy’ shirt that was convenient to put on… true story.

What do you think of our Unclutterer.com fame?


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So, we are painting tomorrow… which means we may not be able to provide a post tomorrow, Saturday, and possibly Sunday. Cleaning, taping, painting, repainting, getting paint on ourselves, moving furniture, petting kitties, eating, etc. Lindsay’s mom is coming down to help! Good times!! We’ll check in periodically.

P.S. Color still undecided at this moment, but the living room and home office area are torn up (everything is in the center of the room) so we are definitely going to paint this weekend. We are wild and crazy kids!!!

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Yesterday, we had a post trying to discern the type of paint color that would grace the walls of our house. We thought it would be appropriate to play somewhat of a game related to paint color. We are going to change the blog background to a color that would potentially be put on our walls. The first choice is going to be… drum roll…


Notable Hue

We happened upon this color looking at the Sherwin Williams color visualizer. We were looking for a grayish blue and this looked good.

What do you think?

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Okay, we are trying to narrow down paint color choices for our downstairs… aka the living room and home office-to-be.  We’ve gotten it down to 1,047 choices right now. Kidding, I think it was at 14 last time I counted.  It is somewhat difficult to decide which paint we should go with for this area.  So, we need your help!  Please leave a comment voting for your favorite.  We’ve numbered them in the captions below each picture (even though #2 and #11 picture captions won’t show up… UGH).  Here they are:

Do you think they are all too dark? Also, which colors do you think Jake picked and which colors do you think I picked?

Colors: Sherwin Williams

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I am a fan of color for sure!  I love all colors!  Especially bright, fun ones!  Anyway, we are trying to decide on a paint color for most of our downstairs – excluding the kitchen and bathroom.  So, basically just the den and the dining room-soon-to-be-converted-to-a-home office.  It is basically all one big room, so we plan to just bring in the Expedit bookcase as a room divider from Ikea and choose a paint color that will work in both sections of the one big room.

Choosing a paint color will be tough though, since I love them all.  But, some of the ones I love are maybe not the best choices for the walls in what is almost the entirety of the downstairs of our home.  So, we should probably go with a semi-neutral color at least.  I am just really not loving what is on the walls right now, which is a kind of yellowy beige.  I want something different.

So, today after work, we swung by Sherwin Williams, which just happens to be right on our way home, and we talked to one of the employees about paint.  The best part is… Jake ended up buying me this fun little friend for $9.62!

So many great colors all in one place!  Hopefully we will be able to use it to choose a paint color.  The girl helping us said that we can return it when we are finished with it for a full refund, but really I am just excited to have it because it makes me happy just looking at it.  My little color fan.

Have any of you painted a room in your house recently?  Got any color suggestions?

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