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Hey everyone! Remember when we showed you our home office? Wellllll… We just found out that we were featured at Unclutterer.com as the ‘workspace of the week’ on June 3, 2011! Yes, Yes, I know… that is a month and a half ago, but better late than never, amirite? Anyway, here is the link to that post by Unclutterer.com:

Unclutterer.com Workspace of the Week

We are excited to be part of an elite grouping of individuals to be noticed for our office antics and design. We thoroughly enjoyed the post and the comments about our home office. Also, Lindsay wanted me to add a disclaimer: “Please excuse her and her PJ’s.”  Who knew that Lindsay would ever be featured on Unclutterer.com of all places? Haha! BTW… please excuse Lindsay’s shirt which says, “Clemson Sucks.”  By no means does she think, or encourage others to think, that Clemson sucks.  In fact, it is quite the opposite… she LOVES Clemson. Occasionally, she does the Taylor Swift ‘heart hands’ when I simply speak the word, “Clemson.”  Regardless, she is seen wearing the shirt because it is simply a ‘comfy’ shirt that was convenient to put on… true story.

What do you think of our Unclutterer.com fame?


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Good Sunday! We have been very busy here lately, thus the lack of posting over the past few days/weeks. We will go more in depth on the activities that have been occupying our time in a different post. For now, we wanted to give you an update on the progress of our home office desks. I’ll bet you can’t guess whose desk is whose! And… on to desk #1:

That is a bright light!

Check out the edge of the moon globe up in the top left hand corner of the picture (on top of the expedit bookcase). Now we will see Desk #2!

Check out the M&M plush pillow sitting up there! Don’t forget about the bowl of M&M’s sitting on the desk!

Two monitors is a must have now days. It adds a ton of potential for productivity and looks pretty cool as well :).

Our full desk area, I guess you have figured out which desk is which by now, especially considering Lindsay sitting at her desk LOL. Please excuse Lindsay in her pajamas…

Since we last posted about the home office progress, we found the PERFECT piece to put between our two desks to house my computer and hold the printer, the Micke Storage Unit from Ikea.  It fits exactly between our desks and holds the trash can.  We also got the Vika Alex drawer unit for under Lindsay’s desk.  Over the weekend, Lindsay and her mom covered the IKEA bulletin boards (corkboard) wrapped in IKEA fabric (Fredrika and Susanna), and we were able to hang them up above Lindsay’s desk, along with the IKEA Bygel bar that holds the cups (5″ Ikea Asker storage containers) full of her colorful pens.  We still have more plans in store for our desks. They are a work in progress!

What do you think of our desks up to this point?  Lindsay is in love with hers.

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Hey! In a previous post, we were having difficulties picking out certain aspects of the home office. Well, ever since we went to IKEA, we have a general idea of what we want to do. We are thinking of turning the home office into CUBELAND by using two expedit desks attached to bookcases. Well… we need some help and input on what you think regarding fun things to put in the home office. Below is a picture of our thoughts of the home office (yes, I drew it in paint because I am a straight up baller).

As you can see, I am not an artist with paint nor did I spend the extra time to make everything perfect. Anyway, this is going to be our general layout of the home office (Notice the CUBELAND like features).

Here is an example of the big cube like thing on the right that will act as a room divider between the living room and the dining room (home office):

Now, here is where we need your help. What are we going to put above, around, in, on top of, and through the desk and bookcases to make them look awesome? For example, we were already thinking fun little lamps, inserts, and colorful books.

Picture: Flickr by Isa Costa

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! We had the pleasure of visiting an emporium of American (actually Swedish) consumerism today… IKEA.

We have always heard daunting stories of the massive store but had yet to experience it first hand. Our first impression upon getting off the interstate was, “That is an enormous blue-yellow building.” Upon entering the facility around 11:30 am, we immediately went upstairs to get some of the cheapest breakfast we’ve ever seen. A small breakfast plate (not that small) which included eggs, bacon, and little potato things was .99 and the big breakfast plate which include the previously mentioned delicacies plus french toast sticks was 1.99. Of course, we went with the big breakfast plate because… well… why not? French toast sticks can never hurt.

When we were done with breakfast, we proceeded to tackle the overwhelming store one section at a time starting with the living room area and ending with the huge self-serving warehouse. Our purpose for visiting IKEA was to look at the Hemnes series furniture and various home office furniture including ‘accessories’. Surprisingly, we did not end up buying anything other than breakfast during our two and a half hour visit. Upon returning home, we discovered that IKEA works really fast and also uses telepathy. For example, we had an IKEA catalog waiting for us in our mailbox, NICE!

Us leaving IKEA


The sun was definitely in our faces when we took that picture, thus the squinting! Regardless of the power of the sun, we will definitely be going back to ‘accessorize’ our home with Expedit bookshelves and desks along with a good portion of the Hemnes series collection. I cannot wait to put all of that furniture together *sarcasm*!

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We want to create/build a home office. Currently, we are not using the dining room to it’s fullest potential, so… in walks the home office where we can keep track of our internet ‘lives’. We have several tough decisions rapidly approaching regarding the fruition of this home office:

  1. What color are we going to paint the home office/living room area (since the two are somewhat interconnected in an open floor plan) and in what color are we going to get the furniture?
  2. What kind of desks are we going to get that would be functional (me) and ‘pretty’ (Lindsay), in other words, we need some ‘pretty’ functional desks? IKEA anyone?
  3. Will the home office furniture include areas for the two kitties to play, lay, and be happy whilst minimizing the frustration to me when studying?
  4. How much will it cost to furnish and decorate the home office?

Those are the first of the tough decisions, well… besides organizing, decorating, and cleaning the house because gee golly it is in shambles at the moment!

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