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Happy hump day (middle of the week)! We wanted to share what one of our cats loves… the refrigerator ice cube dispenser.

Is that not the cutest little jump to get the ice cube?

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So, a while ago I posted a picture for The Daily Kitten to use as a cute little loveable kitten picture for their ‘kitten of the day’. I never thought they would use it. I was web searching like usual and went to The Daily Kitten today only to discover our smallest kitty, Charlie, staring back at me. I was very surprised and elated by the fact that Charlie is pretty famous!!

Go to the site to read all the great comments that others have written about our kitty!

What do you think of The Daily Kitten?

Picture: The Daily Kitten

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I know it’s blurry, but is this not still the cutest pic?

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Our kitties are nothing but cute. However, here lately we have discovered the ‘other’ side, a darker side of the cute little kitties. Sure, they go meow meow during the day when we are around and watching them. But come the night, they each have a different purpose!

The first picture is the cute little Milo kitty as he is trying to convince us to rub him. Oh, his powers of persuasion are secretly masked underneath the cuteness:

I know what you are thinking to yourself… how can a kitty be any cuter?

Next we have Charlie being deceptively cute. Don’t let him fool you, those big eyes and alert ears are of the special forces training caliber:


You may ask yourself, “Why is Jake posting about cute kitties?” Your answer is fast approaching, because in order to post about the next pictures, I have to show you the cuteness so you don’t think the kitties are secretly trained assassins hired to take us down.

In walks, Sherbert, Milo Sherbert – 007, he likes to drink Vodka Martini’s, shaken, not stirred. He secretly saves the world during the night when he escapes from the bedroom only to thwart crime!


He is a force to be reckoned with in this world.


His protege, Charlie, the ‘destroyer of worlds’, hinted at his dark side (star wars anyone?) earlier this evening. He likes his drinks a little stronger, perhaps with some cat nip to take the edge off. Without further ado… BAM:


They are two of the most ferocious felines to cross the path of the Sherbert household. They are our guard cats from the predators of ‘outside’.

Which one of our secret agents do you think is cuter… or more ferocious as the case may be…?


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Meet Milo and Charlie, our fur babies.  Milo is the orange and white one at the top, and Charlie is the almost 100% orange one on the bottom.  We took this picture tonight to enter into a pet photo contest being hosted by one of Lindsay’s facebook friends with a photography business.  I figured we should take this opportunity to introduce our sweet lil guys to you!

Aren’t they cute?

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