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I have always known my dad liked to dance. Well, at our wedding, he showed us the infamous “Joe Craft” shimmy. It was pretty much the hit of the wedding reception as far as the dancing is concerned. I wanted to share with you the technique involved to properly execute the “Joe Craft”. Do not mistake the “Joe Craft” for the “Joe Crab” like I did. They are two completely separate dances and should be treated as such.

First, you have to act all innocent like you don’t know what is going on.

Second, you have to move your arms up and down while your elbows are tightly pressed against your sides. This ensures two things: 1) It gets you loose so you aren’t as uptight and 2) It adds to the illusion that you are going to go nice and slow.

Third, you throw your arms out to the side while giving your chest a ‘shimmy’ moving from left to right. The more extreme you can do this maneuver, the better. You are going for the “WOW” factor. If you can move half way across the room ‘shaking your chest’ with your arms out, then by all means do it. You want people to be amazed!

Fourth, you have other people try it. The more people you have try the more “Joe Craft” points you will receive. While they may look pretty silly, you just realize that it is a lot of fun.

I know what you are thinking, that looks like a ridiculous dance/shimmy. Well, it is, but it is a good time if you have a lot of people trying to do it. You should not be embarrassed to be photographed doing the “Joe Craft” because it is one of the most masculine dances there are in the world today. It ranks up there with fire walking, tribal rain dancing, and the tango. Haha. Even to this day, I smile when I think of people at the wedding reception participating in the “Joe Craft” dance.

What do you think of the “Joe Craft” dance? Think it is the next thing to sweep dance clubs in the South?

Pictures: Landon Jacob Productions

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During the course of our wedding planning, I was commanded with the responsibility of deciding (with the wife’s approval of course) our honeymoon location. There were several destinations in the running for being the tropical paradise that we would grace with our presence such as:

1. Maui, Hawaii

Picture: Flickr by ewen and donabel

2. Tahiti, Bora Bora, or Fiji, French Polynesia (This one was difficult to pass up)

Picture: Flickr by tensaibuta

3. US Virgin Islands

Picture: Flickr by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

4. St. Lucia

Picture: Flickr by Mickpix

5. Europe

Picture: Flickr by vl8189

This was a very tough choice! In the end, it came down to price, location, convenience, and reviews. Maui and the French Polynesia were both pretty expensive, especially considering the price of the flight to get there. Europe wasn’t tropical enough (too crowded) and the US Virgin Islands was too ‘touristy’. So… we ended up going with St. Lucia for the destination of our honeymoon and boy, were we pleased with the end result! If you want to see the pictures from our St. Lucia trip, they are here.  We’ll write more later about the resort we chose in another post!

If you could pick one place in the world to go, where would it be?

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The Green Kangaroo?  Kangaroos aren’t green.  What a strange post title, right?  Well, The Green Kangaroo is the name of the stationary shop located in Cary, NC that we used to design our wedding stationary.  This included all things related to our invitations (the invitation itself, the reply card, and their envelopes) and our wedding programs.

I had the most fun planning our wedding!  The only thing that was a real headache was creating a guest list.  But, once we had that finalized, I began my search for the perfect invitations.  I knew in my head exactly what I wanted them to look like.  Something simple in its design, with some sort of purple border, and a dragonfly featured on them somehow to set the wedding theme in motion for our guests.  It was just a matter of finding them.

At the advice of my best friend and Matron of Honor, Mandy (we’ll call her BFFL Mandy), I started my search at Party City.  (I was also feeling kind of lazy in searching for invitations.  I knew what I wanted, and I guess I just thought they’d fall into my lap.  Ha!)  I went a couple times on my own just to see what they had.  I was completely overwhelmed each time.  They just have books and books of possible invitations, and no real help available for figuring things out.  So, eventually, after deciding I’d get nowhere looking on my own, I brought along my mother and Jake to look with me.  We had narrowed it down and almost decided on one invitation option when we realized the simple invitation with a rectangular border and a dragonfly motif option we’d found was not customizable in regard to color.  Only the colors shown were available.  Guess which color was missing?  Purple.  UGH.

I was pretty darn close to just giving in and ordering a plain invitation where I could just choose a font color and a dragonfly and give up on having a purple border because I wanted to just have this task done and checked off of my long list of things to do.  We started trying to fill out the order form which was clear as mud, and I was starting to get whiny getting whinier when Jake decided to skip ordering invitations that day, sure that he could find somewhere online where I could get what I wanted.  Love him.

So, when we got home that evening, straight to his computer he went trying to find an online design-your-own invitation type site.  First, he found MyGatsby.com.  It looked like a nice design-your-own site with cute options.  Only problem there was this:

They had no dragonfly to incorporate.

So, Jake continued his search for a while until he found the one!  The Green Kangaroo!  They had TONS of invitation options, with sooooo many unique styles and choices!  And… they all had “Build & Buy” options where you could make them your own.

And they had dragonflies!

YAY!  Now, we could get started with choosing the one that fit what I saw in my head!

The invitation option that was closest to what I’d been wanting and what we settled on was actually called “Allison”, which happens to be BFF (and Maid of Honor) Nilly’s real name, just for an extra special little touch.  Jake and I designed our invitations together and, of course, did the purple border and added a dragonfly at the top.  Here is a pic of what we came up with:

And that font our names and Reply By date are written in actually happens to be the Taylor Swift font.  It’s the font her name is always written in.  We both thought it was the coolest font option they had, and I know some won’t believe me since I’m such a big fan of hers, but I HONESTLY didn’t realize it’s the one she uses until after we had ordered these.

But I mean, really.  The Taylor Swift font combined with my BFF’s name combined with the fact that I got exactly what I had pictured in my head for these invitations (but BETTER!) truly made these invitations the perfect ones for our wedding!  And, we couldn’t have been happier with them.  Since we loved the invitations so much, we also chose them for our matching wedding programs, but that’s another post for another day.

Once you design everything online, they send you a proof online to approve before they begin production.  And then they just ship them right to you!

They have excellent reviews on WeddingWire.com, and they offer deals if you follow them on twitter or facebook!  You can read more about that here.

The Green Kangaroo has all kinds of stationary options, not just wedding invitations!  So, if you’re looking around for that perfect invitation, birth announcement, note card, or other stationary, you really should check them out!

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I love dragonflies.  I had never thought one thing about dragonflies before Jake and I started talking about getting married.  My mother always loved them, though, so I’d notice dragonfly things in stores etc. and think of her, but beyond that, they were just another bug to me.

Until the day that Jake and I went shopping for an engagement ring for me.  Because I got to pick out my own.  🙂  Because he didn’t want to spend money on something like that and risk me not liking it.  Fine with me!

So, after we had gone ring shopping and picked one out, we ended up walking around nearby Southpark Mall and went into a tea shop called Teavana.  We spent some time tasting various teas, and then I spotted it.  A green teapot!  Green is my favorite color, so I am always drawn to green things.  Upon further inspection, we noticed there was a dragonfly on the side of it.  I started thinking of Mom.  Then, the girl working in the shop that had been assisting us with tea samples informed us that all their teapots have something on them, each with some sort of symbolism.  According to her, the dragonfly symbolized love, romance, and new beginnings.  How appropriate since we just picked out an engagement ring!

I fell in love with dragonflies right there on the spot, and they became the theme of our wedding.  Before we were even officially engaged.  Okay, maybe they didn’t become the theme of the wedding until later, after we were engaged, after we had a venue, but once I began wedding plans, that special little meaningful bug known as a dragonfly popped back into my mind.

I turned to Google, where I was able to find most of the ideas for ways I could incorporate dragonflies into the wedding.  I did find my share of dragonfly items that were not what I wanted.  Not that there is anything wrong with them.  Just not what I was going for.  Not what I envisioned.  I wanted our wedding to be unique – a complete reflection of us.  We wanted something simple, intimate, reasonably small, shared with those we love most.  A celebration more than anything – a big party!  With some dragonfly touches here and there to tie it all together.

Just thought I’d share some of the dragonflies from the wedding.  Here ya go… Hope you like them!

One item in this first picture is one of our save-the-date magnets.  They were designed by our wedding photographer, Jordan from Landon Jacob Productions, using several of our engagement photos she took of us.

Also shown above is one of our drink koozie favors with our names and wedding date and a dragonfly on it, and that’s our wedding program underneath.  You can see the little dragonfly poking out there in the middle.


Next up, our invitation and reply card:


One place in particular that was a great source for unique handmade items was Etsy.  Here, I found our customizable cake topper (probably ended up being one of my favorite things from the whole wedding!), my garter, and these awesome little edible dragonfly dish decorations (not pictured)!


I even had my florist put a dragonfly in my bouquet!


Our cake table and bar area featured these adorable napkins!


And I was soooo excited when I found these Kate Spade champagne flutes with dragonflies etched on them for our toasts!


I gave my mom this handkerchief which I bought and onto which I embroidered (for the first time!) a dragonfly!  I am so proud of this!


And Jake gave me this necklace as a wedding present:

I love this necklace and wear it most every day!  It is shown here hanging on a lamp my dad gave me a few years ago, which just happens to have a dragonflies all the way around it.  Way back before my obsession with them ever started!  How neat, huh?  It was like foreshadowing.


And finally, this last picture was taken on the first full day of our honeymoon.  Jake was able to get super close to this dragonfly which flew around our private pool just outside our villa all week long.

He was able to get this picture of himself with it, and I tried to sneak up and get in on the picture, too, but when I did, of course it got scared.  We saw it throughout the rest of the week we were there, but I never did get another chance for a photo with it.  I’ll probably be jealous forever.  Ha!

So, that just about wraps it up with the dragonflies.  At least for now.  Hope you enjoyed them as much as I do!

What’s your favorite detail mentioned in the post? Did your wedding have a theme?

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Jake and I met at work.  I was already working there when he was hired, and our office would send out an email once a new employee accepted a position in our office announcing their hire with their name, and where they went to school, and their upcoming start date.  So, once the decision was made to hire Jake and he accepted the position, an email arrived in my inbox saying that Jake Sherbert, who graduated from Clemson University would start on April 2, 2007.

One of our best friends now, and one of the groomsmen in our wedding, Dusty, also worked there at the time Jake started.  He was on my audit team and was already one of my best friends, both at work and outside of work.  Anyway, any time we’d get one of these new hire emails, we would turn to facebook to try to find out about our new coworkers before they arrived in the office.  Naturally, we looked up Jake.

Of course, we stalked his photos, which were typical of many new college graduates: friends, parties, regular ol’ college stuff.

One thing that stood out to me, I still remember, was the fact that he had one of MY favorite quotes in HIS favorite quote section on his profile.

It was this:

To laugh often and love much; to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children; to earn the approbation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to give of one’s self; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived—this is to have succeeded.

LOVE that.

So, when the time came a few years later for us to tie the knot and get married, we had to choose our wedding bands, and with that, something we wanted to have engraved on the inside of them.  We turned to this favorite quote of ours.

My wedding band has the first part of the quote in it: “To laugh often and love much”, and Jake’s has the last part: “This is to have succeeded.”

We definitely laugh often together and love each other much.  And we do feel we have succeeded at finding our perfect matches in each other. ❤

And as for all the things in between, we constantly aim for those every day of our lives.

P.S.  The picture is of my toss bouquet from the wedding.  I absolutely loved all my flowers!

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