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Whew.  Where did September go?

The past 8 weekends (and most of the weeks in between) have been go-go-go.  Nonstop.

Let’s see.  I’m gonna give you a rundown here, and then I’ll come back later with some picture posts about the highlights.

It all started Saturday, August 20th, with packing for a two-week work trip, which turned out to be quite eventful as mentioned here.  Then, spending all day that Sunday in the airport/on a plane just trying to get to DC.  Plane delays, plane changes, plane re-changes, etc.  Ugh.  Fun stuff.

So, then that Tuesday was the exciting earthquake you just read about if you clicked the above link.  Or if you read about it when I first wrote about it.  Then there was that weekend in DC, which was spent inside my hotel due to Hurricane Irene.  Literally.  Did not leave my hotel to see the light of day.  All weekend.  Ugh.

So, then the weekend of September 2nd, I returned home only to unpack, do laundry, and repack my stuff for the beach with Jake and the parents-in-law.  We headed down to Litchfield Beach, SC that Sunday for the week.

We returned home September 11th and spent a week at work before taking off to Lake Lure, NC for the weekend for a belated 30th birthday celebration for my BFFL, Mandy!  Really fun times!

Then, we spent one more week at work before heading back to the beach for the week with my mom and brother at Holden Beach, NC, where my aunt and uncle have a beach house.  We rented one just down the street from theirs, and we were able to visit with them and each other all week.  Expect posts soon with more about this trip and the one with the Sherberts that I mentioned above!

You’d think after that trip, we’d be settling in at home for a while… but oh, no!  The last and final weekend adventure took place this weekend… in Boone, NC where we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary!  There will definitely be an upcoming post about this soon!  Check back soon for all the details.

You can see that whether the time was actually spent away, or was spent traveling back and forth for various trips, the past 8 weekends have been jam packed for me.  I currently have no plans this weekend, so look for me to stay in town, probably in my pajamas for the entire time.  Though, I may get out and enjoy some fall weather!  I LOVE this season!

What have you guys been up to lately?


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Over the weekend we headed to Myrtle Beach to spend a night with our friends Nilly and Afner to celebrate Afner’s 30th birthday.  On our way there, I got carded for a lottery ticket, which I wrote about in this post.

We headed down Saturday morning and got there by lunch time.  After putting our stuff in the room, we headed down the boardwalk to a little oceanfront restaurant called Ocean Front Bar and Grill.  I enjoyed some clam strips, and Jake had tilapia.  It was an alright place with decent food, but nothing tooooo much to speak of.  We did enjoy the fact that the place was nowhere near as crowded as it will be in a few months.

Our next stop was the Ripley’s Aquarium over at Broadway at the Beach!  The highlights were  seeing their sharks in the Dangerous Reef and the stingray exhibit at Touch a Ray Bay.  Nilly and I actually did touch the stingrays, and they were slimy!  It was so neat, though!  Here are some pics from the aquarium:

Nilly and Afner


Jake and Scuba Steve

Lindsay and COLOR aquarium

Lindsay and shark, "RAWR"

Water Tunnel - Can you spot the shark?

After the aquarium, we spent some time walking around Broadway at the Beach and did a little shopping.  Then, we headed back to the hotel, spent some time in the jacuzzi, and got ready for dinner.

We ate dinner at a restaurant called the Sea Captain’s House, and it was FANTASTIC!  Here is what each of us enjoyed:

Me – Crab cakes and the best clam chowder I’ve ever had
Jake – Filet mignon that was an inch and a half thick and that you could cut with a fork, with vegetables
Nilly – Chicken Oscar (chicken with crab meat and sauce) and vegetables
Afner – Lowcountry Shrimp and Grits

We all enjoyed our meals!  After dinner, we just hung out together in the hotel room and watched some tv because we were so full! When we were trying to go to sleep that night, some people were being loud (playing drinking games) in the room next to us. It took all of our combined efforts to convince Nilly that she didn’t want to bang on the connecting door (or worse), instead, we convinced her to call the front desk to register a complaint about some hooligans in the next room trying to climb walls and practice MMA while playing ‘never have I ever’. Did you know John has never petted a goat? We are proud of Nilly for that exercise in control!

Sunday morning, we got up and went to breakfast together at Mammy’s before heading back home.

We had a great little overnight trip and really enjoyed the time spent with our buddies.  Thanks so much, Nilly and Afner, for inviting us down!  And happy birthday, Afner!

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Just now, while Jake waited in the car, I went into the gas station to buy a soda for myself and a lottery ticket at Jake’s request with nothing but just enough cash to buy both.

I get my soda out of the refrigerator and make my way to the counter.  I place the soda on the counter and say “I just need this and a Powerball ticket.”

So, the girl behind the counter starts doing whatever she has to do to process the ticket and then pauses to look pretty hard at me for a second.  “You got your ID on you?” she asked.  “It’s in the car… do you need it?”  Of course she nodded yes.

I leave my drink on the counter and run out to the car to rummage through my purse for my ID, which much to Jake’s annoyance, is never in its proper place.  I’m able to locate it, though, without too much trouble and run back in for my drink and ticket so we can be on our way.

I hand over my ID and gas station girl checks my DOB and says, “Girl, you could have fooled me!  You look young!”  We laughed and I told her, “I get that a lot, but I am definitely wayyy older than the required age to buy a lottery ticket.”  She said, “I know… you’re about the same age as me.”

So, there you have it folks… just days before I turn 29 I’m being thought of as looking less than 18.  Really?  I mean, I do know that I look young, but I figured maybe around 23 at the youngest.  Geez!  Maybe by the time I’m 40, I’ll look 25.  That won’t be so bad.

What do you guys think?  How old do I look to you?

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Today was…

-a President’s Day holiday
-a trip to the bank’s ATM to deposit a check
-a drop-off at goodwill of some various household stuff we’ve been needing to get rid of
-a stop by the dry cleaner to drop off our duvet, some of Jake’s suits, and a dress of mine
-grocery shopping
-Subway for lunch
-breaking down cardboard boxes to take to be recycled
-a walk at Riverfront Park
-a nap
-snuggling kitties
-more laundry
-tuna casserole for dinner (Jake had soup)

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