Whew.  Where did September go?

The past 8 weekends (and most of the weeks in between) have been go-go-go.  Nonstop.

Let’s see.  I’m gonna give you a rundown here, and then I’ll come back later with some picture posts about the highlights.

It all started Saturday, August 20th, with packing for a two-week work trip, which turned out to be quite eventful as mentioned here.  Then, spending all day that Sunday in the airport/on a plane just trying to get to DC.  Plane delays, plane changes, plane re-changes, etc.  Ugh.  Fun stuff.

So, then that Tuesday was the exciting earthquake you just read about if you clicked the above link.  Or if you read about it when I first wrote about it.  Then there was that weekend in DC, which was spent inside my hotel due to Hurricane Irene.  Literally.  Did not leave my hotel to see the light of day.  All weekend.  Ugh.

So, then the weekend of September 2nd, I returned home only to unpack, do laundry, and repack my stuff for the beach with Jake and the parents-in-law.  We headed down to Litchfield Beach, SC that Sunday for the week.

We returned home September 11th and spent a week at work before taking off to Lake Lure, NC for the weekend for a belated 30th birthday celebration for my BFFL, Mandy!  Really fun times!

Then, we spent one more week at work before heading back to the beach for the week with my mom and brother at Holden Beach, NC, where my aunt and uncle have a beach house.  We rented one just down the street from theirs, and we were able to visit with them and each other all week.  Expect posts soon with more about this trip and the one with the Sherberts that I mentioned above!

You’d think after that trip, we’d be settling in at home for a while… but oh, no!  The last and final weekend adventure took place this weekend… in Boone, NC where we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary!  There will definitely be an upcoming post about this soon!  Check back soon for all the details.

You can see that whether the time was actually spent away, or was spent traveling back and forth for various trips, the past 8 weekends have been jam packed for me.  I currently have no plans this weekend, so look for me to stay in town, probably in my pajamas for the entire time.  Though, I may get out and enjoy some fall weather!  I LOVE this season!

What have you guys been up to lately?


Hi everyone!  Currently, I sit in a hotel room in Washington, D.C. in the middle of Hurricane Irene.  I have been here on a work trip this week, and on Tuesday was able to experience my first earthquake.  A 5.9!  Can we say natural disasters???

I sit here now hoping not to lose power.  I don’t think Irene has gotten too bad here in DC, at least not yet.  And to be honest, I am not really keeping up with it in the news, either.  Jake and my mom both keep giving me some updates, but the way I see it, I can’t really do anything about it at this point, so I may as well not worry about it.  And just hope not to lose power.  Which I haven’t yet!  I have stocked up on some food and water, though.  Ya know, just in case.

As for the earthquake, it was, in a word, terrifying.  Probably the most scared I’ve ever been.  A close second would be that time that a guy broke into our front window scaring us half to death, only to find out he thought he was at his sister’s home.  WHAT?

Anyway, the earthquake was terrifying.  Of course, being in a building belonging to a government agency in our nation’s capital, in a part of the country rarely experiencing this natural shaking of the earth under our feet, an earthquake was most definitely not the first thing to enter our minds that it could be.

I’d guess the shaking lasted around 30 seconds, though it felt like 5 minutes.  As soon as it was over, someone screamed, “Get out of the building!”  Of course, I didn’t know where to go once I was out of the building, so I found someone I recognized and followed them.  Thank goodness too, because the office’s designated meeting place was obviously blocks away, and I’d have never found the group in all the swarms of people outside.

So, yeah.  Exciting times!  I can’t wait to be home.

Lindsay Cooks?

Any of you who know me probably know that I don’t cook very much.  So, you may be a little shocked to read this post.  But, yesterday I was watching a vlog on YouTube where a girl was talking about how she does meal planning each week, and I got inspired.  So, I printed off the meal plan sheet she uses (found here) and got started thinking of things we could have for dinner each night this week.

I started by looking in the freezer and pantry for things we already have on hand in hopes that we could eat some of them up first before going out and buying new things.  That accounted for about four full meals for the week, and a couple side item choices for a few other meals.  So, I was left trying to decide what main course type items we could have for those other three meals.

Jake helped me come up with some ideas for the other three nights. My goal for the week is to make dinner for us every night this week, with the exception of one night where we have plans with a friend for dinner.  So, one of our meal ideas will just get pushed to next week.

Once we had the meals all decided, I made a list of the groceries we would need, and we actually made a trip to Publix yesterday, when we usually don’t go until Sunday.  We bought everything we will need for the week, and can you believe I am actually a little excited to make dinner every night this week?!  I can’t.  I was a little worried that my motivation to do that would be gone by this morning (haha!) but so far it hasn’t left me.  We’ll see as the week goes on.

I also decided I wanted to make a dessert for us to enjoy throughout the week… a pie specifically!  For our wedding shower, my mom made us the cutest pie plate with a purple dragonfly on it.  If I had a picture of it, I’d show you.  It can’t be put in the oven though, so she had given me a few pie recipes that don’t require baking to use with it.  I’ve been wanting to try out the pie plate and recipes and make a pie with it, so I included the ingredients for a peanut butter pie on the grocery list yesterday, and I whipped it up last night, complete with pie crust!  Haha, I am super proud of myself.

Here is a picture of me making it, and a couple pictures of it this afternoon before I cut a slice out to eat.

It was delicious, by the way.  Only problem was that it wasn’t solid like a piece of pie should be.  It had a thick consistency, but just kinda falls apart when you try to scoop out a piece.  My mom says she thinks it was probably because I used reduced fat cream cheese.

I’ll have to keep you posted on how the rest of the cooking goes this week!  Wish me luck.

Do you plan out your meals for the week in advance or just ‘wing it’?


Hey everyone! Remember when we showed you our home office? Wellllll… We just found out that we were featured at Unclutterer.com as the ‘workspace of the week’ on June 3, 2011! Yes, Yes, I know… that is a month and a half ago, but better late than never, amirite? Anyway, here is the link to that post by Unclutterer.com:

Unclutterer.com Workspace of the Week

We are excited to be part of an elite grouping of individuals to be noticed for our office antics and design. We thoroughly enjoyed the post and the comments about our home office. Also, Lindsay wanted me to add a disclaimer: “Please excuse her and her PJ’s.”  Who knew that Lindsay would ever be featured on Unclutterer.com of all places? Haha! BTW… please excuse Lindsay’s shirt which says, “Clemson Sucks.”  By no means does she think, or encourage others to think, that Clemson sucks.  In fact, it is quite the opposite… she LOVES Clemson. Occasionally, she does the Taylor Swift ‘heart hands’ when I simply speak the word, “Clemson.”  Regardless, she is seen wearing the shirt because it is simply a ‘comfy’ shirt that was convenient to put on… true story.

What do you think of our Unclutterer.com fame?


So, I just went to the SC Board of Accountancy’s website to check the status of my CPA license application, and it said I had no pending applications.  Hmmm.  I thought it was weird, since it had been showing they’d received everything and was just waiting for the Board’s approval.

So, since there was nothing there, I decided to check the licensee lookup, JUST IN CASE, and I was there!  I’ve been approved!  With an official license number and everything!


Hey Everyone! We hope that you had a happy 4th of July! We celebrated Independence Day by having amazing hot dogs complete with chili and barbecue chips for lunch followed up by a good ol’ American steak (for Jake) and shrimp (for me) for dinner.

What did you do for the 4th of July this year?

Happy hump day (middle of the week)! We wanted to share what one of our cats loves… the refrigerator ice cube dispenser.

Is that not the cutest little jump to get the ice cube?