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Some friends and I have a bit of a tradition which involves going away for the weekend someplace at least once or twice a year or so.  In as big a group as we can get to go.  Our general thought is the more the merrier!  More people = more fun and less cost.  Both of which are really great things.  We then rent as big of a house as is necessary for those going, and the whole weekend is pretty much a blast.

Our most recent trip like this was to Lake Lure, NC to celebrate BFFL Mandy‘s 30th birthday!  We had about 12 of us, I think.  We had a nice, three-level cabin rented where we explored the “creek” behind the house, enjoyed lunch in Lake Lure that Saturday, and some shopping in nearby Chimney Rock.  Otherwise, it was just good old fashioned fun!

Here are a few pics (for some reason, we didn’t have very many of our own, so I had to steal some from facebook):

Me with my two Amandas!

Us in the morning!
Us at lunch at Larkin’s on the Lake:
Group shot (some of us, anyway) after lunch:
And lastly, I’ll leave you with this final shot of the reason for our trip.  Birthday girl, Mandy, and her sweet hubby, Stephen:
Anyone else ever been to Lake Lure?  What fun things did you do?

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