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So, one of my favorite blogs to read is Young House Love.  And from reading it, I got started reading Bower Power blog as well, since Sherry from YHL and Katie from Bower Power are best buds.  Anyway, over the summer the two of them teamed up, along with two others, and issued their first Pinterest Challenge.  If you are interested in checking them out, the links are here and here.  And you can check out their completed projects from back then here and here.  Although I’d signed up for a Pinterest account at the time, I hadn’t yet gotten hooked or pinned very much, so I didn’t participate.

Fast forward to now, and that is a whole different story, and last week, they issued their second Pinterest Challenge – Fall Edition!  Links for these are here and here.  Joining Sherry and Katie this time, are two new folks: Ana from ana-white.com and Erin from House of Earnest.  And wouldn’t  you know it, I have pinned so many ideas now, I thought surely I could choose one to put my own spin on, as they say, and participate this time!

So, in honor of our anniversary earlier this month (which we still need to post about), here is the pin I chose, which didn’t have a source, other than the girl in the photo is the cousin of the girl who originally pinned it:

And here is our take on it:

I loved this idea as soon as I saw it!  This one is a little late, but at least we did get it done during our anniversary month.  It was super easy, though… once we got a picture with no shadows behind us or glare on the glass.  We just chose one of our favorite pictures from our wedding, blew it up to 16×24, framed it, and started trying different shots with it.  We used the tripod to do it ourselves for a while, but in the end, we removed the glass to get rid of the glare, and we had our friend, Amanda, take our picture.  (Thanks, Amanda!)

Our hope is to be able to continue to do this each year on our anniversary.  For two people who love photos as much as we do, this was perfect!  We still aren’t sure yet what we will do with the enlargements of all the ‘old’ photos each year.  They will obviously take up too much space to keep them all framed and displayed together, but maybe we could just replace each year’s photo in the same frame.  And maybe we could somehow display smaller versions of each photo somehow.  Anyone got any suggestion?  I bet Pinterest will have some ideas!

We did add a new tab at the top of the blog that says, “Anniversary!” so check it out.  We plan to update that with each new photo as well.  It’s just too bad that we have to wait another year for a new one.

Here are the links to the others’ posts: Sherry’s, Katie’s, Erin’s, and Ana’s

Did anyone else out there participate in the Pinterest Challenge – Fall Edition?  Let us know!  And happy pinning!


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