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As I first mentioned here, we spent the week of Labor Day at Litchfield Beach with Jake’s mom and dad.  We enjoyed a relaxing week walking on the beach, swimming in the pool, and eating delicious food.  Here are some pics!

This is the view from our balcony at the beach.  Isn’t it awesome!?

We decided to do a little walking down the beach and took this picture along the way.  This is Jake with his beach beard.

While walking down the beach, we came upon copious amounts of wildlife!  The starfish were everywhere!  It was amazing how many we saw.  Daddy Dan had to save a few because they had flipped over… he is our hero!

Did you know that they can move so much?  The starfish were washed up on the beach and as the tide went out, they scrambled towards the water.  When that didn’t work, they would bury themselves in the sand and wait for the goodness of the ocean to return and wash them back out to sea.  It was truly one of the neatest things ever.

How cool are starfish?  Have you ever run across them at the beach?  Anyone else ever been to Litchfield?  Peaceful little beach, that one.


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We got married on October 10, 2010.  Then, we enjoyed an awesome honeymoon in St. Lucia!  Then, the weekend after we got back, we went on a fun half-day hiking trip with my new father-in-law (Daddy Dan, as I call him) and Jake’s friend, (our Best Man from the wedding) Daniel.

The destination was the Raven Cliff Falls trail in Greenville, SC, which is part of Caesar’s Head State Park.  We spent the night before at Jake’s parents’ house since they’re only about a half hour from Greenville and we’d be able to get started early.  Daddy Dan is an early riser, whereas I prefer about 10am for my morning rising. We started the trip around 7:30 am.  It was a nice little hike, and I think we all enjoyed it, even though Daniel did have an incident involving some water that looked like leaves which soaked his feet. Those overly hydrated leaves will get you every time!

You can barely make out the collection of leaves in the right of the picture above, right below the rock, into which Daniel stepped trying to help me back across the raging torrent that was a puddle of water. Regardless, it was a momentous occasion to have made it to the suspension bridge at Raven Cliff Falls, approximately 4 miles one way. We had enough time to relax, enjoy the view, and get this picture of Daddy Dan indicating his domination of the suspension bridge:

The pictures above are all taken at, or around, the suspension bridge area of the Raven Cliff Falls trail. The trails leading to the suspension bridge were relatively flat, not too difficult, but did keep the blood pumping depending on how fast you were going. Some parts (coming up from the suspension bridge), were a little more difficult than others, but with a little break and constant hydration, they were just another notch in our belts. Don’t get me wrong, by the end of it, we were exhausted, especially since we woke up so early to go hiking. It was fun, aerobic, scenic, but most importantly we got to walk around on a freakin awesome suspension bridge above a waterfall.

Where do you think the next place we hike should be?

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Welcome to the ‘new’ content. The story is somewhat short, the house is a wreck and needs immediate TLC, thus I don’t have much time to write these little stories right now. Also, I will be adding a tab at the top that contains all the Sunday Sherbert Short Stories Series in one easy to access location, so look out for that!

Superhero Strategy

Barter, whose name we learned in part 4, awakens in the middle of the night in a series of cold sweats. His pupils dilated, senses alert… he surveys his surroundings only to realize that he is at his home inside the Statehouse dome. The noises he heard coming from below him awoke him from a slumber of epic proportions. Looking around and listening so intently that he would do Roy Rogers proud, he spots two men with crowbars. A smirk breaks across his face as he tries to contain the thought of teaching these guys a lesson.

Down below, the two men are unaware of any crime thwarting super hero that lives in the SC Statehouse dome. They go on about their lives, pillaging and looting, taking what is not theirs. Their justification is that of trying to feed a hungry family. See, these two men are brothers and like 10.2% of the Columbia, SC population, they are unemployed. They have to resort to violence and stealing to survive.

Immediately into action our superhero goes, dawning the cape that his mother made for him for his 30th birthday. There was a crash, a bam, and a wham!  Next thing the looters knew, they were laying face down being put into handcuffs. The strategy involved by our super hero in capturing the hooligans was like something out of a world class chess match. Unlike chess though, the details of their detection and capture elude them. They just remember that something hit them with the force equal to three stampeding elephants with trunks swinging wildly.

As the pillagers are being arrested, Barter sits up in the capital dome drinking a Margarita, his favorite tropical drink. He thinks to himself, “It is not ideal to punish those who are only trying to survive, but it is unjust not to punish those who break the law, regardless of the circumstances.”

I know that Darth Vader is a ‘bad guy’, but I thought it was a sweet picture. LOL. See you next Sunday!

Picture: Flickr by thrig

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